Fix for “Error Code 887a0005" in Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War

When the game was released, I was unable to play it as I was quite busy with work — so I finally got some free time and I was able to purchase and play the game, and get some long-awaited enjoyment out of it… right? No. Definitely not.

TL;DR version of it:

  • I bought the game
  • I installed the game
  • I played first two missions
  • Got to the third mission, and that’s where the problem begins
I was greeted with this message every time I tried to start a mission

Ah, it must be something stupid and simple.

So I thought.

I will just reinstall my Windows system as it started to bug out on few different things, so it must be it.

So I thought.

After doing everything that the game and application recommended, as well as some forums and different blog posts, reddit threads… everything! Here are some of the things I tried (that I can recall):

  • Reinstalled the system
  • Reinstalled the drivers
  • Reinstalled the game
  • Ran the “Scan and Repair” multiple times
  • Disabled “HAG” in Windows 10
  • Made sure RTX is disabled in the game — which it was because I have 1080ti which does not have ray-tracing support
  • Modified “Max FPS” settings in the game
  • Disabled “High Resolution” assets in the installer

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Every time I tried to start the third mission, it was the same error, with the same error code, over and over and over again.

If you forgot how it looks like, here it is again. It is now deeply etched in my brain after hours of trying to fix it.

So, you might be asking, what is the fix then?!

Patches? No — game exist for quite some time and has newest patches installed.

Drivers — no. I have the latest drivers from nVidia.

Actually, I was semi-lying. Drivers were to blame. Yes, the latest ones, or the only ones I had installed.


  1. Go to your “GeForce Experience” panel
  2. Go to “Drivers” tab
  3. Click on the 3 dots menu button just on the right of “Check for updates” button
  4. Change drivers to “Studio Drivers”
  5. When the installer start, select “Clean install” and wait
  6. Reboot your PC

I hope this helps other fellow gamers with the same issue, and to which none of the recommended fixes were working, and I hope you’ll enjoy your game. :)